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Australia – the best place to study and live !!

For those looking for best cities to live, study and work, You got them right in Australia. Yes, Sydney and Melbourne are declared the best cities of the world !!

According to a survey done in order to find the cities international reputation, Sydney and Melbourne stood first with top votes. The survey was conducted in 8 countries. The questions were to find out the cities with best infrastructure, economy, social policies, business environment and beauty. The index ranked 101 international cities.
Here is the list of Top 10 cities in the world:
1. Sydney
2. Melbourne
3. Stockholm
4. Vienna
5. Vancouver
6. Barcelona
7. Edinburgh
8. Geneva
9. Copenhagen
10. Venice
Top 20 list is dominated by European cities,
American cities such as Boston, Seattle, Miami and Los Angeles dominate the second tier of the list with moderate scores. The one that stands on last ranking is Baghdad.
Australia on the contrary has managed to be on the top 5 list for last 6 years. Both Sydney and Melbourne scored well across all categories and were also deemed the most livable cities in the world.
Deeper studies have revealed that on the basis of factors such as culture, living cost, transport and lay out Brisbane and Wollongong are also preferred by students to live and study in.
The cost of living as a highly important factor that decides the cheapest and expensive places to live in Australia, which is also due to the variation in housing prices.
Moreover choosing the best university or college also defines the choice of city. Australia has best university city with high standards of education offering good choice of courses and draws the attention of international students towards it.
Along with Melbourne and Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Wollongong, Hobart and Gold Coast are excellent cities to live in. As they offer good and high ranked universities and comparatively good job opportunities with good wages. Last but not the least, they are less populated and offer reasonable accommodations.
So , think no more and pick Australia , the best place to study , live and explore.To study in Australia visit GCS Overseas Education Consultants in Chandigarh.

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