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Bachelor of Business Management in Australia

Studying a Bachelor of Business at University of Sunshine Coast, Melbourne can help you take the next step in your career. While studying @ USC, Melbourne you will gain the skills and knowledge to help you make it in any market, whether you want to manage projects, people and organizations – in any number of fields.

This designed to create creative and critical thinkers. Students will learn how to implement innovative problem solving techniques to business concepts, products and services. Students have an option to choose from wide range of business majors to specialties in the area of their interest, which includes accounting, financial planning, human resource management, international business, management, marketing, and tourism, leisure and event management. At USC, Melbourne You’ll get practical experience through an optional internship (over 96 hours) in the business sector and can apply what you have learn to real situation. You’ll gain valuable experience and build industry contacts that could lead to a job before you even graduate. This program is a strong base to continue your studies in law or honors.

Career opportunities:

Your Bachelor of Business (Tourism, Leisure & Event Management) degree is your ticket to a growing industry filled with opportunities. This program gives you the confidence to respond to the latest trends and personally grow into cultural understanding. This program offers you insights and opportunities to gain industry skill and knowledge. Students will have access to guest speakers from the tourism and event industries, as well as volunteer and work experience with local business. You can take on a 12 weeks internship to further develop your practical skills and build your industry contact.

Depending on the major chosen: business management, human resource management, marketing management, market research, international business, importing / exporting, industrial relations, tourism and hospitality management, retail / sales, computing, systems analysis.

So if you have any plans to study in Australia, please contact GCS Overseas Education Consultants in Chandigarh. We are QEAC qualified agents.

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