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Selecting the right country is the biggest challenge,  If you are planning to go abroad for higher education. According to your interest and affordability all countries have many things to attract you. So before deciding your study destination compare  the countries living cost, program availability, tuition fee, climate and Job opportunities after competing studies. Counteries like Australia, Canada New Zealand and USA offer one year program which is comparatively cheaper than 2 year programs. Canada and New Zealand are less expensive in terms of Tuition fee and Living expenses as compare to Australia, USA and UK. 

Language also play a major role in choosing a country to study, in case of English speaking countries like USA , Canada , UK and Australia, you feel more at home since its English around you, even getting a part time job in these countries is easier when compared to European countries like Germany or France. Since, the student requires the knowledge of the local language. Climatic conditions are also a major deciding factor. Since, some students find countries like Canada , Norway UK etc a little cold to handle.
Last, but not the least the stay back options offered by countries also make a big difference.  Most of the countries offer at least one year stay back options after their education, like USA and New Zealand. This helps them to find jobs and to a certain extend cover their cost of investments.  Canada and Australia offers 2 to 3 yrs stay back option. Where as some countries like Singapore ( private schools), Malaysia and Dubai, do not offer any stay back option for the students.

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