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International Students : Finding Accommodation in Canada

Finding an accommodation in Canada for International students can be an difficult and exciting task. As this will be your home for coming years so its an important decision to choose the best one. Canada has many different type of accommodation for international students. There are many options available for you depending on your location preference, institution and budget. Following are some of the common type of accommodation available for students in Canada.
Student Residencies/Dormitory
Canadian universities and colleges provide on campus accommodation often known as student residence on campus or near by the campus.Student residences come in different forms. Universities may offer dormitories-apartment blocks of single and double occupancy rooms with shared living space. Some student residences may be shared house private studios or apartments. Every institution may have different residence option according to your budget. Some residences include a shared kitchen in common areas and/or cafeteria or food court where you may eat daily. Student residences are generally managed by the institution.
Home Stays/ Host Family in Canada
One of the best options for students for accommodation is living with a host family in Canada. As you start your new life in Canada Living with host family  can give you a feel of home and security. Home stays normally provide students a private room, one of three meals and internet access. Host family can also help you with your questions about city and introduce you to Canadian Culture and lifestyle. Many students who are looking for an apartment can stay with the host family until they find a rental apartment or shared accommodation. Home stays are usually in residential areas so you can expect easy public transportation to get to your institute.
Shared Apartment
For those who are looking for off campus shared apartment, it is easier to find once you reach Canada.That way, you will be able to visit the apartment in person, see the neighborhood and proximity to your school, as well as meet the people or person with whom you will be sharing the apartment. As private apartments are managed by individual landlords,it is possible they will want to meet you in person. You have to sign a lease deed when renting a shared apartment. Duration of lease are normally 6 months to 1 year in length and you may also be asked to pay rent, utility bills and internet and cable TV plus a deposit equal to one month rent.
Furnished Apartment Rental
Finding a furnished rental apartment before your arrival in Canada is very easy these days. These apartments has almost everything you need to settle in Canada, and provides an easy way to settle in conveniently furnished apartments are available on month to month basis or you can sign a lease.
Unfurnished Rental Apartment
This is bit complicated option for students,but many students appreciate the independence of their own apartment. Regulations differ across the country, So make sure you research the requirements and tenant rights for your destination city or town. Renting an unfurnished apartment is usually going to require you to sign a one-year lease, and there may be further costs required. You may have to pay first and last month’s rent, plus a deposit and hook-up of utilities and internet. There is also furnishing to consider.

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